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Priss Asagiri
Bubblegum Crisis


Welcome to Chase the Dream, the approved fanlisting for Priss Asagiri, from the Bubblegum Crisis anime series! To learn more about Priss, check out the about section, but be aware there are unmarked spoilers. Navigation is above. Enjoy your stay!

A fanlisting is a web clique intended to gather the largest list of fans for a subject, from across the world, to demonstrate how strong and far-reaching a fandom is. It's easy, obligation-free, and you can collect a little image code to use to link back here. If you're a fan of this rocker, please consider joining to show your appreciation for her and this beloved series. This fanlisting is a part of AFL, Rhythm Emotion, and the Windsprite Network.


Adopted from Amy who generously let me keep the layout, content and memberlist!
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